Sunny Citrus (Herbal Infusion) – Davids Tea review



Smells Like

Freshly peeled oranges in a wildflower field.


My thoughts

This tea is RED. As all hibiscus tea’s are.

The hibiscus is tart without being really astringent. It’s tangy and citrus-y without being sharp. The apple in it lends out some sweetness and I think it smoothing over any harshness of the hibiscus and orange. Looking at the tea and then drinking it make me think those extra flower petals are merely decorative, and I’m not really sure how they’re changing the flavor.

I found it actually hard to finish as it cooled and I’m having a hard time pinpointing why.

Prepare it

1.25 tsp in 98ÂșC water for 4-7 minutes.


Hibiscus, apple, currants, orange peel, sweet blackberry leaves, rose hips, safflower, sunflower petals, blue mallow flowers, natural and artificial vanilla and lemon flavouring*.

Find it

Sunny Citrus by Davids Tea

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