Ceremonial Matcha (Green Tea) – Review on the Run

Tastes Like

I went to Davids Tea for two reasons:

  1. I was super intrigued by the new Matcha Maker.
  2. I decided I wanted to actually try matcha before I made an investment in it.

It’s not like I’ve never had matcha flavored things before. Green tea ice cream? Been there. Matcha smoothie? Done that. But I’ve never had one hot and relatively unadulterated, and that’s what I was interested in.

This Ceremonial Matcha is really something special. It’s grassy, smooth and sweet. It’s really not like anything I’ve had before. I thought that when I hit the end of the cup I would encounter some grittiness, but I really didn’t. It was perfectly blended throughout and really smoothing.

It’s really rare to find myself drinking something that feels this special and rare.

So, one of these scenarios is true:

  1. The Matcha Maker does an exceptional job at blending.
  2.  Ceremonial Matcha is exquisitely ground and disperses in water really easily.
  3. A bit of #1 and #2 is true. (Probably this one.)

Am I a matcha convert? Probably not. I think maybe I’m not into grassy teas. But if you are, I think it’s at least worth your time to try this one.

Ceremonial Matcha is by Davids Tea